Online free play fortune teller

Online free play fortune teller

Some believe, some do not, but guess like all

Who does not like to go on nature and the wonder of its various creations, but much happier to perform a virtual visit with golden runes and spells. The creators of this slot Fortune Teller thought in the same way, so now all highly motivated players in this slot offers great functionality, allowing to carry out a large cash gifts.

This slot game Fortune Teller is specially designed for those lucky ones who believe in the magic power of passion and are willing to feel this inexplicable feeling heady thought for the incredible financial gains. Needless to say happy about the characters, the special factors and functional variation.

Careless players do not need to focus on different characters, bonuses, and combinations - customize your intuition enough to welcome the emergence of a special character, and make the biggest bet on the game board before each torsion. Unlike other "one-armed villains", Fortune Teller multiplies the money almost always win - even if the display is the long-awaited good combinations. Players only need to knock on the first two reels equivalent images to multiply fixed paytable prize four times!

For a big win here written a special risk-game, and a special pointer scatter (Scatter). Which may accrue to the player gold without falling out on one of the paylines. The combination is considered to be falling out a few scatters in different places on the drums. Scatter has magical powers and magical ceremony is going to compile what you like bowling lanes playing field. His bonus winnings is very pleasant, but even nicer to free torsion, which unexpectedly lucky offered only when the three figures fall after spinning reels.

Paying no attention to the fact that software companies have not added to the functional slot machine Fortune Teller another happy round, the machine is very popular in the gaming community of experienced gamers as money and promising slot machine.

This slot game Fortune Teller easy to manage and is not only a source of monetary gain, but also the power of inspiration and aesthetic pleasure. Behind him is always very sincere to spend their time and to win something. Active participants in all active Fortune Teller machine offered a mysterious prize game from which exit without major financial cash prize's really hard!

An impressive feature of the individual round, which makes this slot game is much profitable, there is a special feature of the Wild image, which is a result of free rotation extends not only to the neighboring elements, but also on all the lines of a drum!

New game Fortune Teller container concentrates all its super prizes and surprises along the four main drums. Developers have come to the decision not to extend the device different bonus games and jackpot prize was shared between the main magical figures.

Often, each gambler are carefree days. In these moments, almost all is wonderful: good mutual relations are improving, rising wages, carries with influential people, and so on. Everyone is familiar with this great sense of satisfaction of members of society, whose life was as desired, and all targets will be executed one after the other.

Like the other machines for the lucky slot game Fortune Teller among other things provides by several extraordinary match in which you can quickly and dramatically to hit the jackpot.