Online free play unicorn magic

Online free play unicorn magic

Hocus Pocus Tweedledee money fall down here

Who does not love to go to the sea and admire its wonderful forms, but more pleasant to go on a virtual visit through the arcane type styles and functions. The developers of the Unicorn Magic Slot thought the same because today all active participants in this slot provided extensive functionality, allowing the grab with a weighty financial gifts.

Current gaming machine Unicorn Magic was created for those players who believe in the magical power of love and ready to experience this incredible, heady emotions head for the major financial perspectives. It makes no sense to speak about the unique characters, special factors, and various combinations thereof.

In fact, participants do not need to focus on various labels, round and options - just hover your chakra on the appearance of the desired character, and exhibit maximum bets per spin before each appearance. Unlike other "one-armed villains", Unicorn Magic multiplies the money almost always win - even if the score is not a good deal coveted. Lucky to beat the drums on the second third of the same sign to increase the fixed payout table, cashing in three times!

For the capital increase is a special mega-game, as well as unusual pattern scatter (Scatter). Participant who is able to bring gold combinations without any of the paylines. Considered to be a happy combination of the emergence of several scatter symbols anywhere on the drum lines. Scatter has special features and without any effort develops a magical combination with any desired paylines slot machine. These bonus winnings is very pleasant, but even cooler free spins, they get to gamblers at a time when the two characters appear after the launch of the drums.

Despite the fact that software companies are not screwed into the functional slot Unicorn Magic is another jackpot prize, this one-armed bandit is popular in the circles of proven players as honest and reliable gaming machine.

This slot Unicorn Magic is simple to understand and is not only a source of monetary gain, as well as a string of inspiration and moral and aesthetic pleasure. Playing in his soul always spend their time and to win something. Active participants in all active gaming machine Unicorn Magic rolled exciting bonus game from which exit without significant prize money is really difficult!

A special feature of the unique level that makes it uniquely advantageous feature of the Wild is a magical figure, which is in the process of unpredictable twists extends not only to neighboring cells, but also on all the lines of the current drum!

Stylish slot Unicorn Magic is all their super power-ups and puzzles in the front five tracks. Developers have come to the decision not to extend the device with various additional levels and scattered among the special prize jackpot large graphics.

Almost every player are easy days. These life almost everything is going perfectly: set a good mutual relations, wage increases, carries with interesting people, and the like. All across this great feeling of satisfaction humanoid, whose life is going in the desired manner, and all the dreams come true one by one.

As befits a machine for lucky people, slot Unicorn Magic has just three extra rounds, which can be easily and much to gain.